Team Sparta's Digital Strategy: Embracing inblog for Enhanced Content and SEO

Explore Team Sparta's journey with inblog, as revealed in our exclusive interview with Sang-woo and Young-kyung. Discover how inblog's Notion-based platform and superior SEO capabilities are revolutionizing their content strategy and digital presence, offering insights into the startup's unique approach to Team Sparta.
Nov 20, 2023
Team Sparta's Digital Strategy: Embracing inblog for Enhanced Content and SEO
In September 2023, we interviewed Sang-woo Lee, the Creative Part Director, and Young-kyung Park, the Editor from Team Sparta, a client of inblog. Team Sparta has built the blogs for their internal projects, including NBCamp, Hoy, and, Hanghae99 using inblog.
As of October 2, 2023, they are achieving high search rankings for keywords like “node.js prospects”, “Unity”, “Android developer roadmap”, and “developer prospects”.
Team Sparta's main brand, Sparta Coding Club, operates its own blog. Despite having an internally developed blog, they chose inblog for NBCamp and Hoy projects. The interview with Sang-woo and Young-kyung reveals why Team Sparta chose inblog and the expected benefits of this decision.
About Team Sparta:
  • A Korean startup expanding individual potential through coding.
  • The main brand, Sparta Coding Club, offers practice-focused online coding education and has won the Brand of the Year in the coding education category for two consecutive years in 2022 and 2023.
  • They run boot camps for IT job seekers like NBCamp and Hanghae99, and {Chang}, an incubator service for working professionals looking to start their own businesses.

Q. Could you briefly introduce yourselves?

Sang-woo Lee (Lee): Hello, I’m Sang-woo Lee, the Creative Part Director at Team Sparta. We are creating new business projects through various brands like NBCamp, Hoy, and Outsourcing Development. I focus on syncing and producing media-aligned messages these brands wish to convey. I handle the quality and content messages, focusing on owned media, brand campaigns, and advertising content planning.
Young-kyung Park (Park): Hi, I’m Young-kyung Park, responsible for blog content at Team Sparta. My role involves regularly publishing content that increases customer engagement and solves problems.

Q. Please introduce Team Sparta's services and target audience.

Lee: Explaining all services of Team Sparta might be too extensive, so I’ll briefly talk about NBCamp, for which we built a blog using inblog. NBCamp is a boot camp aimed at IT job seekers. Being a government-funded course, it’s free for anyone with determination. It features an intense curriculum from 9 AM to 9 PM and offers thorough career support.

Q. What considerations did you have before operating a blog service?

Lee: We think about operating a blog service when launching or pivoting a brand. However, developing and using editors and UIs from scratch requires significant resources. Even though we already have an in-house developed blog, using it for new projects raises issues of scalability, URL, and usability. These also require management resources. Our primary concern was finding an easy-to-use tool that allows us to focus on writing content.

Q. Despite having an in-house developed blog, why do you use external tools for other brands?

Lee: The main reason is the ability to write content using Notion editor, along with good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our in-house blog and inblog both scored high in SEO. Ease of category specification and no need to learn a new tool were also attractive features.

Q. What is the biggest difference between Sparta Coding Club’s own blog and inblog?

Lee: The most significant difference is Sparta Coding Club’s own blog is not a Notion editor. Also, inblog is lighter. Initially, our in-house blog required a developer resource as it was an HTML editor. Though we now have our own editor, it doesn’t match the versatility of the Notion editor. The usability and speed of inblog allow us to match the pace of brand and content release.
To elaborate, previously, there was a time gap between brand launch and blog promotion because building a blog took at least two months. As you know, owned media takes time to show effects, so this delay was inconvenient. With inblog, we can match these timelines.

Q. How did you discover inblog and why did you decide to use it?

Lee: As mentioned, we were looking for a quickly deployable blog. Our CTO recommended Ghost and inblog. After reading an article on Today's IT, we chose inblog for its faster setup compared to Ghost.

Q. What satisfies you about inblog and what improvements would you like?

Park: From an editor's perspective, ease of uploading is crucial, and inblog’s Notion-based system allows for immediate uploads. Its well-constructed technical SEO lets us focus on content, which I appreciate. My articles appearing quickly on Google was a plus!
Park: However, there’s no frontend customization in inblog. All blogs look similar, which makes it challenging to emphasize our unique brand. In analytics, having access to daily dashboards and trends would be beneficial.
Lee: For editors, categorizing is critical. Having two-tier categorization like upper category > subcategory would be helpful. For instance, content has two properties: information and format. Depending on how information (like web development, app development) is presented (articles, interviews, reviews), the categorization should differ. Also, as Young-kyung mentioned, frontend customization would be great.
Park: Uploading content can be challenging if there are too many steps and it’s time-consuming. With inblog’s easy Notion-based system, we can cover a range of content, from well-thought-out pieces to lighter articles.
Lee: Our company mainly uses Notion for documentation. The fact that inblog is Notion-based means we can easily convert internal documents into content. It’s also beneficial that we don’t have to worry about separate publishing and archiving.

Q. What results do you expect through inblog?

Lee: We hope for increased natural traffic, the primary goal of a blog. With inblog handling SEO, we look forward to attracting traffic through high-quality content and various long-tail keywords. We’re also anticipating CRM integration through inblog’s upcoming newsletter feature.

Q. How was the decision-making process for adopting inblog?

Lee: As the person in charge, I simply said, “Let’s use it,” and we started immediately. There wasn’t a need for special persuasion as everyone understood the economic aspect. Developing a blog would require developers, designers, and PMs, so using inblog was much more cost-effective. We frequently changed categories while using inblog, which would have taken longer with in-house development.

Q. Would you recommend inblog to other companies?

Park: Having used many no-code tools, I found inblog’s features, tailored to content creation sensitivity, to be excellent. I would recommend it to content managers in startups where blogs are a main focus!
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