Ghost Alternative: Effective lead generation blogging platform

When it comes to choosing a platform for a business blog, many people often consider using Ghost. While Ghost is a popular tool for newsletters, it does have certain limitations as an open-source platform. Allow me to introduce inblog, a perfect SEO-optimized blogging service that can serve as a suitable alternative for Ghost.
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Nov 30, 2023
Ghost Alternative: Effective lead generation blogging platform
The reason you might think of Ghost as the first option for a company blog is because a lot of other companies are using it, and it has a pretty UI/UX, etc. But Ghost is open source, and it's basically a tool for newsletters. It may not fully meet the specific needs of B2B SaaS companies looking to maximize their inbound lead generation.
Enter inblog, a dedicated blogging platform designed specifically for B2B SaaS companies. inblog not only provides the essential blogging functionality but also integrates advanced features tailored for generating leads—making it a compelling alternative to Ghost.
Let’s explore why inblog could be the better choice for your company blog, offering a lightweight, fast solution optimized for lead generation.

inblog vs Ghost: what's the difference?

Just newsletters vs. Lead generation platform

Ghost is basically a tool for newsletters. As you can see from their dashboard, they show you key metrics like total subscribers, engagement, etc. Their main concern is how many subscriptions you create and how many times you get your newsletter opened. This makes it ideal for content creators who prioritize subscriber lists and direct reader engagement.
Ghost dashboard
Ghost dashboard
On the other hand, inblog is designed with the business user in mind, transforming traditional blogging into a dynamic lead generation tool. Don't just "blog and pray." inblog offers built-in SEO optimization to maximize exposure, CTA (Call to Action) buttons to drive conversions, and detailed analytics to track and analyze these conversions effectively. Beyond merely blogging, inblog facilitates distribution across social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter, greatly expanding your content’s reach. With upcoming features including keyword research, content strategy development, and AI-driven content creation, inblog is equipped to streamline and enhance your blogging efforts, ensuring they yield tangible results.
inblog: drive customer conversions and track user analytics
inblog: drive customer conversions and track user analytics

No setup and no maintenance

Ghost is very complex to set up. You need to find a cloud host for your server, install the Ghost software (open source), and securely maintain your server, database, and software to ensure it's always up and running. You also need to optimize your Ghost blog for fast loading and SEO optimization, although the cloud version of Ghost requires no setup.
inblog is a complete blogging solution. You don't have to worry about setup or maintenance, so you can focus on creating content with peace of mind. This is the core value that inblog provides to its customers.

Use Sub-directories easily

Using a blog as a sub-domain ( versus a sub-directory ( is one of the most debated topics in the SEO world. But as most of us know, having a blog as a subdirectory is much more effective. Just look at most of the companies that are utilizing blogs (OpenAI Blog, Salesforce Blog, Notion Blog).
If you're using the open source version of Ghost, it's very difficult to utilize subdirectories, and you have to pay $199/month to use the cloud version of Ghost.
inblog makes it very easy to use subdirectories! We've implemented all the settings for you, and the cost is very low compared to Ghost.
inblog: Add your blog on the sub-folder
inblog: Add your blog on the sub-folder

Always fast

Ghost requires optimization and speed tuning to keep your blog running fast. As your traffic increases, you'll need to set things up to keep the performance/speed the same, and for the cloud version of Ghost, you'll need to work on optimizing your theme and plugins to ensure your blog loads quickly.
inblog will always be fast. Even if you post a lot of content or your blog gets a lot of traffic, inblog loads very quickly. And this page speed is a direct determinant of your Google search ranking. (Lighthouse)

Lightweight solution

Ghost is a heavy blogging engine. The themes and plugins you use make your pages heavier, which affects page load times, results in low scores in Google's Lighthouse + Core Web Vital Audit, and affects your search rankings.
inblog is a lightweight alternative to Ghost. It consistently maintains very high scores in Lighthouse, a Google-recognized SEO scorer.
inblog lighthouse score
inblog lighthouse score

Optimizing readers' reading experience

The basic goal of a blog is to get readers to read it. A good blog looks and feels like a book. inblog gives your blog visitors the same experience as reading a book. If your blog is highly readable and has good content, visitors tend to spend more time on it. (Wikipedia) This increases your "Duration Time” metric, which can help you rank higher in search.
inblog’s clear readability
inblog’s clear readability

Why is inblog a great alternative to Ghost?

inblog was specifically designed for corporate and enterprise blogs with a keen focus on inbound lead generation for B2B SaaS companies. Everything you need to organize, optimize, set up, and maintain a blog for readability, speed, and conversion is automatically available in inblog. When you start blogging with inblog, the best practices of corporate (enterprise) blogging are built-in. You'll be able to utilize inblog's unique CTA buttons and analytics out of the box to help you convert the customers that matter most on your blog.
Set up your blog and connect your domain to inblog in less than a minute. inblog handles everything else—from SEO optimization to infrastructure maintenance—allowing you to focus on creating impactful content with peace of mind. Concentrate on enhancing your product and growing your business, secure in the knowledge that your blogging platform is not only faster than Ghost but also perfectly aligned with your lead generation goals. For these reasons and more, inblog stands out as a superior alternative to Ghost.
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