Medium alternative: Generate valuable leads through your branded blog via inblog

Effortlessly create a branded blog by setting up and linking your domain to inblog in minutes, allowing you to focus on content creation while inblog handles the rest.
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Jul 10, 2023
Medium alternative: Generate valuable leads through your branded blog via inblog
Medium has been a popular platform, bringing joy to both readers and writers since its inception. It has attracted a diverse range of users, including individuals, writers, publications, and even businesses, thanks to its user-friendly interface. However, one significant drawback is that Medium attempts to convert readers into paying customers by implementing a paywall. Additionally, there have been instances where Medium displays blog posts from competing platforms to its readers. Therefore, it is recommended that you explore inblog as an alternative to Medium, particularly if you are looking for a platform to host your enterprise or business blog.

inblog vs Medium: what's the differences?

Show our brand

Medium prominently showcases its own branding on blogs, with its logo prominently displayed in both the header and footer. This can be a bit overpowering, especially when businesses aim to project their own service or brand to readers. Even if you pay and link your subdomain, Medium doesn't remove its branding.
On the other hand, inblog is specifically designed with startups and businesses in mind. Once you connect your domain and disable branding on your inblog, it seamlessly integrates into your website. Your brand logo and call-to-action will take center stage and be the primary elements visible to readers.
Below is an example of a blog made with inblog.

Create a lead with a CTA

Medium lacks the functionality to gather leads from your blog, which can be frustrating. After all, what's the point of creating valuable content and attracting a substantial audience if you can't convert them into potential leads?
Fortunately, with inblog, you have the ability to collect leads directly from your blog posts. By incorporating compelling calls to action, you can effectively capture potential leads for your services and even generate product sales.
inblog’s CTA
inblog’s CTA

Use Sub-directories easily

Using a blog as a sub-domain ( versus a sub-directory ( is one of the most debated topics in the SEO world. But as most of us know, having a blog as a subdirectory is much more effective. Just look at most of the companies that are utilizing blogs (OpenAI Blog, Salesforce Blog, Notion Blog). If you want to create a homepage with a non-Medium website builder and connect a sub-directory with Medium, it's difficult.
inblog makes it very easy to use subdirectories! We've implemented all the settings for you, and the cost is very low compared to Medium.
inblog’s sub-directories
inblog’s sub-directories

Always fast inblog

Medium requires optimization and speed tuning to keep your blog running fast. As your traffic increases, you'll need to set things up to keep the performance/speed the same, and for the cloud version of Medium, you'll need to work on optimizing your theme and plugins to ensure your blog loads quickly.
inblog will always be fast. Even if you post a lot of content or your blog gets a lot of traffic, inblog loads very quickly. And this page speed is a direct determinant of your Google search ranking. (Lighthouse)

Light vs Heavy

Medium is a heavy webpage engine. The themes and plugins you use make your pages heavier, which affects page load times, results in low scores in Google's Lighthouse + Core Web Vital Audit, and affects your search rankings.
inblog is a lightweight alternative to Medium. It consistently maintains very high scores in Lighthouse, a Google-recognized SEO scorer.
inblog’s lighthouse score
inblog’s lighthouse score

SEO optimization

inblog optimizes your SEO automatically. You don't have to worry about installing multiple plugins or hiring an expert. The title of your post is automatically entered as the H1 tag, and the H1 tag you write in your notion is automatically entered as the H2 tag of your post. You can also specify the meta-description and URL slug.

Optimizing readers' reading experience

The basic goal of a blog is to get readers to read it. A good blog looks and feels like a book. inblog gives your blog visitors the same experience as reading a book. If your blog is highly readable and has good content, visitors tend to spend more time on it. (Wikipedia) This increases your "Duration Time” metric, which can help you rank higher in search.
inblog’s readibility
inblog’s readibility

Why is inblog a great alternative to Medium?

Setting up a blog and linking your domain to inblog is an incredibly quick process, taking less than a minute. Once done, inblog handles the rest, allowing you to concentrate on content creation without any worries. With inblog, you can channel your energy towards your product and business growth.
Consider inblog as your enterprise Medium-like blog that enables you to interact with your audience through lead generation forms and call-to-action buttons. The best part is, you can achieve all of this without exposing inblog's branding. That's why inblog presents a compelling alternative to Medium for your upcoming blog.
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