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Blogs for modern content marketing teams
Technical SEO
We handle the Technical SEO, so you don't have to.
Always Fast Site with Global CDN
Image Optimization
Sitemap / Robots.txt / RSS Auto-Generation
Mobile Friendly / Fully Responsive
Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3)
Meta Tags / OpenGraph Tags Generation
Human-Readable, Editable Slug
Editable Image Alt Tags
Technical SEO audits
subdomain, subdirectory connection. SEO optimized blog
Step 1. Blog setup
Build a blog under your domain
Connect inblog with Webflow, Framer, or NextJS-built page. Using another CMS? We offer 100% migration for you.
Track search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC.
Step 2. Keyword research
In Development
Find the right keywords
Discover which keywords our customers search for on Google! Track search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC.
Content ops image, Performance of each person in the team
Step 3. Content Ops
Manage content teams
Content management is a team effort. Use InBlog to manage and analyze the performance of freelancers and team members!
Publish and distribute image. Newsletter, social media share
Step 4. Publishing
Publish & distribute your content
Don’t just blog and pray! Send newsletter to your subscribers and share post to social media.
lead gen image, forms and lead magnets
Step 5. Lead Gen
Generate leads via forms & CTAs
Don’t miss your readers! Convert them into leads with various types of forms and diverse lead magnets.
blog analytics image, built-in analytics and Google Search Console integration
Step 6. Blog Analytics
Set an action plan through analytics
Analyze which content performs well using built-in analytics and Google Search Console integration.
Enjoy our full-stack features
Create a well-made business blog and CMS on Day 1
Responsive blog
Nice-looking responsive blog image
Notion to Blog
Notion to blog image
Built-in WYSIWYG editor
Built-in WYSIWYG editor image
Lead Gen Forms
Lead Gen Forms image
GA & Search Console integration
GA & Search Console integration image
Content Distribution
Content Distribution image
Track Audience Behavior
Track Audience Behavior image
inblog is a perfect option for your team
Business Blog FocusOptimized for businessesGeneral usePrimarily a newsletter toolTailored for individual writers
SEO OptimizationAutomated SEO optimizationOverrun with themes, plugins, etc.SEO-friendlyNot designed for business blogs
SEO AnalyticsIntegrated SEO AnalyticsRequires 3rd party pluginFocused on newslettersNo built-in SEO analytics
Call-to-Action (CTA)Built-in floating CTA featureDepends on theme/pluginsStatic CTA, less engagingCall-to-Action (CTA)
Blog CMS UsabilityLightweight, agile, user-friendlyMay require complex setupMay not meet all blogging needsNo dedicated CMS for blogs
Custom DomainSupports subdomains/subdirectoriesCustom domain capabilityCustom domain capabilityNo custom domain option
Branding CustomizationFully customizable branding featureCustom branding optionsCustom branding optionsLimited branding customization
Third-Party IntegrationExtensive third-party integrationThird-party integration availableSupports third-party integrationLimited third-party integration
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Blogs for modern content marketing teams.
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