Retentics Insights: Leveraging inblog for Effective Content Strategy

Discover how Retentics, a leading AI-powered CRM provider, enhances its brand marketing and content strategy using inblog. Learn from Song-hee's insights on SEO, content optimization, and the transformative impact of inblog on Retentics' digital marketing approach.
Nov 20, 2023
Retentics Insights: Leveraging inblog for Effective Content Strategy
In September 2023, we conducted an interview with Song-hee Kim, a brand marketer from Retentics, a valued client of inblog since its launch.
Retentics has built both their Korean and English blogs using inblog, showcasing high search rankings for keywords like "CAC", "Loyalty Customer Acquisition Strategy", and "Anomaly Detection" as of September 17, 2023.
Learn why Retentics adopted inblog and the expected benefits through our interview with Song-hee!
Retentics ?
  • An AI-powered CRM personalization recommendation solution tailored to customer purchase cycles.
  • A Silicon Valley-based global SaaS funded by Kakao Ventures, Primer Sazze, and Valo Capital.
  • Holds a diverse e-commerce clientele, including Allbirds, Rael, Wooltari Mall, and Washswat.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hello, I'm Song-hee Kim, responsible for brand marketing at Fridays Lab (service name: Retentics). Under the title of brand marketer, I'm in charge of various activities to promote Retentics and foster favorable perceptions. My role encompasses content planning for all communication channels and handling PR tasks.

Please introduce Retentics' services and target customer group.

Retentics began as a tool for analyzing existing customer data. Now, Retentics Analytics allows businesses to analyze their current situation and identify loyal customers through various retention metrics, all without technical installation, using existing order data.
We are about to launch a new CRM plugin, focusing on practical features for healthy business growth based on customer retention. This plugin enables personalized messages for each customer, determining when, who, and what to send through Retentics CRM campaigns.
Key features include a target list function to identify customers needing communication, like those due for purchase or at increased risk of churn, and an AI product recommendation feature which doubles average purchase conversion rates. Integration with CRM messaging solutions like Kakao Channel, Mailchimp, and Klaviyo is possible.
Retentics mainly targets e-commerce businesses worldwide, particularly those handling CRM marketing and campaigns. Operating Korean and English blogs through inblog greatly aids our content marketing. Our significant clients include Allbirds and Rael internationally, and Olive International and Washswat domestically.
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Before adopting inblog, you managed a blog through your website and Oopy. What were the challenges?

Initially, we developed our blog in-house, which required significant developer resources. Without a CMS or backend for the blog, content creation depended on designers and developers. The process of creating content, tracking user responses, and making revisions was cumbersome due to the extensive communication and resources needed. Developers could only spare about an hour a week, making it challenging to publish even one piece of content weekly. We briefly used Oopy, which eased content publication but didn’t meet our needs for SEO and content analysis. This led us to discover inblog.

How did you come across inblog?

I'm part of communities focusing on B2B sales and marketing. I first noticed inblog in the Relate Community(Startup Community). Coincidentally, a job applicant at Retentics presented their portfolio created using inblog, which piqued my interest.

Why does your company run a blog, and what are your expectations from it?

In B2B businesses, blogs are one of the best channels for inbound sales and lead nurturing. Our Operations team's primary goal is generating sales numbers, and I am responsible for bringing in potential customers interested in Retentics and converting them into sales leads, using various communication channels.
Content marketing through blog operations is essential for product-based business growth (PLG, Product Lead Growth). We plan to actively maintain our blog to increase inbound traffic and generate more sales leads.
Our blog primarily publishes content helpful for "customer retention" and "CRM marketing". You can also find our articles on IT and Open Ads platforms. Additionally, we run a newsletter, "Retentics Letter", delivering e-commerce trends and business insights every last Thursday of the month, now with over 200 subscribers in five months.

What were the challenges in convincing your company to adopt inblog?

There were no difficulties in persuasion. The need for content marketing and SEO was already recognized company-wide, and the lack of developer resources made inblog an ideal choice. Our initial concern was the lack of proven track records since we were an early-stage company. However, we now fully trust and utilize the inblog product.

What has been the most satisfying aspect of using inblog?

The ability to handle everything from A to Z as a marketer without needing technical knowledge for SEO or developer resources is the most gratifying aspect. Inblog perfectly resolves the issues we faced with our in-house blog and other services.

Have you seen any measurable improvements since using inblog?

Our main reason for using inblog is content SEO. We focus on:
  1. How well our content ranks in search engines, and
  1. The organic traffic generated through our content. Currently, our inblog content ranks well for our target keywords, with organic traffic doubling and accounting for about 62% of blog traffic. We are satisfied with inblog's SEO-friendly environment and plan to further develop our Korean and English content.

Any future expectations for inblog?

We hope for advancements in lead magnets and an internal dashboard. We aim to capture potential customer information through lead magnets like webinars. Features like pop-ups or forms to collect customer details would be beneficial.
Additionally, a dashboard providing insights like popular content, weekly trends, and detailed reports on content engagement would be valuable. This would assist in planning more effective and high-quality content.

Would you recommend inblog to other companies?

We are very satisfied with inblog and highly recommend it to those lacking developer resources or not wanting to focus on SEO.

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