Leveraging SEO for B2B SaaS Success: Insights from Top Companies

Explore how top B2B SaaS companies like Intercom, Canva, and Deel use SEO and content marketing to fuel their rapid growth and establish market dominance. Learn why these strategies are crucial from day one.
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Apr 24, 2024
Leveraging SEO for B2B SaaS Success: Insights from Top Companies

The Power of SEO and Content Marketing in B2B SaaS Success

In the competitive world of B2B SaaS, where customers are often part of a niche and segmented market, the role of SEO and content marketing becomes not just beneficial, but essential. Companies like Intercom, Canva, and Deel have demonstrated significant success by effectively leveraging these strategies to attract and retain customers. As the landscape of performance marketing faces challenges due to declining efficiency and the impending shift towards a cookieless world, SEO and content marketing stand out as crucial pillars for sustainable growth.

In this blog post, we will delve into the SEO and content marketing strategies of three successful companies—Intercom, Canva, and Deel. We'll explore how each company has utilized these approaches to not only grow their customer base but also to establish a strong online presence that drives their business forward. Whether you're a startup at the onset of your journey or a seasoned player in the B2B SaaS arena, understanding these strategies can illuminate the path to enhanced visibility and increased success.

Intercom's SEO Success: A Synthesis of Case Studies

Intercom, a leading customer messaging platform, has not only excelled in product innovation but has also achieved significant growth through a sophisticated approach to SEO and content marketing. This synthesis of case studies from various sources illuminates the specifics of their strategy and its impressive outcomes.

intercom ahrefs rating

Content Marketing and SEO Strategy

Central to Intercom's growth has been its focus on Editorially-Generated SEO-Optimized (EGSO) content. This method involves crafting high-quality, evergreen content targeted at medium to high-volume keywords that are highly relevant to their audience. Such content not only ranks well in search engines but also precisely meets the search intent of potential users, ensuring it remains valuable over time.

Expanding beyond traditional blog posts, Intercom has embraced a broad content strategy that includes books, guides, webinars, and more. These resources are designed to educate and engage their target market, thereby driving substantial growth and positioning Intercom as a thought leader in website chat solutions.

Intercom utilizes retargeting effectively, particularly through targeted Facebook Ads, to engage segments of their audience based on their interactions with content. This targeted approach helps to advance these leads deeper into the sales funnel.

retargetingretargeting contents

(Source: https://www.yesoptimist.com/intercom-growth-strategy-teardown/)

Moreover, Intercom's strategic use of thought leadership has enabled them to earn valuable inbound links to their content. By focusing on emerging topics within customer support and startup growth, they provide fresh insights and advance discussions, naturally accruing a robust backlink profile that bolsters their SEO efforts.

Content Distribution and SEO-Friendly Product Features

Intercom has also leveraged platforms like Medium to republish content from their blog, carefully timing the releases to manage the risks of duplicate content. This strategy broadens their reach and funnels additional traffic back to their main site. The effectiveness of their SEO is further enhanced by their savvy use of post-click landing pages tailored to segmented ads, significantly boosting conversion rates.

Intercom's Learning center (formerly Intercom Educate) exemplifies their integration of SEO-friendly features within their products. This module is designed to answer user queries efficiently, drawing new leads through search engines. Additionally, while not directly aimed at search engine rankings, Intercom's unique branded content plays a crucial role in building their overall brand and supporting their customer acquisition strategy.

Intercom’s comprehensive SEO strategy showcases the power of integrating content marketing with smart SEO practices, targeted retargeting, diverse content distribution, and conversion optimization. By focusing on both immediate gains and long-term growth, Intercom has not only enhanced its market presence but also set a benchmark for SEO excellence in the tech industry.

Canva - Empowering Users Through Educational Marketing

Canva has redefined the design landscape not just by offering an intuitive tool, but through a visionary approach where education is central to marketing. The company’s mantra, inspired by Silicon Valley marketer Regis McKenna—"The best marketing is education"—is more than a slogan; it’s the backbone of their content strategy.

canva ahrefs analysis

Education as a Core Marketing Strategy

Creating Value-Adding Content: At Canva, every piece of content is crafted with the user's growth in mind. From blog posts and design tutorials to their comprehensive Design School, Canva’s resources do more than just inform—they empower. Whether a user is looking to create their first graphic or refine their graphic design skills, Canva's content is there to guide them every step of the way.

This focus on empowering users helps reduce friction for Canva’s primary market—amateur and consumer designers—while simultaneously building the brand’s authority and trustworthiness.

Solution-Focused SEO: Canva leverages a Jobs-To-Be-Done framework to align their content with user intent. This strategic alignment ensures that whether users are looking to make a logo, design a presentation, or create marketing materials, they find exactly what they need. Canva’s SEO strategy targets keywords that are not just high in volume but are highly relevant to the tasks users are looking to accomplish, resulting in content that ranks well and meets user expectations.

Strategic Link Building: Canva understands that strong backlinks are a currency in SEO. By focusing on creating authoritative and informative content, Canva attracts backlinks naturally. The outreach team enhances this by connecting with bloggers and journalists to ensure that content relevant to “invitations,” “posters,” or “digital marketing tools” is linked back to Canva, strengthening their domain authority.

Cultural Relevance: Canva stays agile, adapting content to tap into current trends and user needs. For example, the rise of remote work saw a surge in demand for custom Zoom backgrounds—a need Canva quickly met with targeted content and tools, thus remaining a part of ongoing conversations and searches.

Conversion Through Education

Educational Content That Converts: By educating users, Canva not only enhances user engagement but also drives conversions. Educational content builds trust, establishing Canva as a go-to resource, which in turn makes users more likely to upgrade to premium features or invest in products. The educational content thus serves as a lead magnet, pulling users deeper into the sales funnel.

Retargeting Educated Users: Canva also excels in retargeting. Users who engage with educational content might not convert immediately, but through strategic retargeting campaigns, Canva keeps the brand top of mind. When these users are ready to design again, Canva is their first stop.

Canva’s success in SEO is a testament to the power of educational marketing. By prioritizing user education, Canva not only enhances its product value but also builds a loyal community of users who are well-informed, skilled, and ready to advocate for the brand. In a digital world where information is plentiful but expertise is rare, Canva has successfully positioned itself as both a tool provider and a knowledge resource, making "The best marketing is education" a reality.

Deel - Mastering SEO Through Valuable Content

Deel, a platform that simplifies payroll and compliance for remote and international companies, has demonstrated an exceptional growth trajectory. From a startup to reaching $300 million in ARR in just three years, Deel's success is not a product of chance but of a meticulously crafted SEO and content marketing strategy. Here's how Deel leverages SEO to add real value, answer user queries effectively, and ensures their content is accessible to all.

deel ahrefs analysis

Emphasis on Adding Value

Deel's core SEO philosophy revolves around adding genuine value to its audience. In a world cluttered with generic content, Deel distinguishes itself by addressing the specific, sometimes complex needs of global HR management. Their strategy doesn’t just aim to attract clicks but to solve real problems faced by potential and existing customers. This approach has cemented their reputation as a thought leader in the international payroll and compliance domain.

Answering the Real Questions

Understanding what the audience truly seeks is the cornerstone of Deel's content strategy. By deploying what they call the "traffic light system," Deel categorizes keywords based on user intent—green for high purchase intent, yellow for potential interest, and red for low relevance. This method ensures that they focus their efforts on producing content that meets high-intent user needs, thereby enhancing the likelihood of conversion and customer engagement.

Each piece of content is crafted to answer the next logical question a reader might have, reducing the bounce rate and increasing the time spent on the page. This not only improves SEO rankings but ensures users leave with the solutions they need, fulfilling the promise of adding value.

Simplicity in Communication and Continuous Content Evolution

One of Deel’s key content principles is clarity and simplicity. They strive to create content that even a fifth grader could understand, removing barriers to comprehension and making complex topics in global HR and compliance approachable. This approach not only broadens their audience but enhances user experience, which is pivotal for SEO success. Deel's commitment to simplicity extends beyond just the language used; it is about making complex regulations and processes accessible and understandable to someone with no prior knowledge. Whether explaining country-specific employment laws or detailing changes in global compliance, their content remains clear and concise.

With regulations and global markets constantly evolving, Deel remains committed to updating and expanding its content. Regular updates to existing articles and the creation of new content that addresses emerging trends and regulations keep their content fresh and relevant. This proactive approach not only helps maintain their SEO rankings but ensures they continue to be a reliable resource for their audience.

Deel's approach to SEO and content marketing demonstrates the power of truly understanding and addressing user needs. By focusing on adding value, answering specific queries, and ensuring content accessibility, Deel has not only achieved significant SEO success but has also built a loyal customer base. Their strategy exemplifies how B2B SaaS companies can leverage content to drive substantial business growth in competitive industries.

Final Thoughts: Why SEO and Content Marketing Are Foundational for B2B SaaS Success

The journey through the SEO and content marketing strategies of Intercom, Canva, and Deel underscores a pivotal lesson for all B2B SaaS companies: the foundational role of SEO and content marketing cannot be overstated. These three companies demonstrate how effectively leveraged SEO strategies not only drive significant growth but also solidify a company's presence in competitive markets.

Table Summary of Company Successes:


SEO Strategy

Key Outcomes


Editorially-Generated, SEO-Optimized Content

Expanded brand authority and user engagement


Educational Content and Multi-Language SEO

Increased global reach and user base growth


Traffic Light System and Value-Adding Content

Rapid ARR growth and strong global compliance positioning

For any B2B SaaS company, whether at the inception stage or scaling up, the integration of SEO and content marketing from day one is not merely beneficial—it's imperative. These strategies ensure that your business is visible to the right audience at the right time, effectively supports user needs, and drives sustainable growth through organic search channels.

Intercom, Canva, and Deel each started with SEO at the core of their marketing strategies, understanding that long-term success depends on more than just great products. It relies on being discoverable, relevant, and valuable to potential users. By embedding SEO and content marketing into your strategy from day one, you ensure that every piece of content not only reaches its intended audience but also builds the foundation for lasting market presence.

In summary, for B2B SaaS companies aiming for breakthrough growth and market leadership, the message is clear: invest in SEO and content marketing from the outset. This early investment will pave the way for organic growth, customer engagement, and a competitive edge in the bustling SaaS marketplace.


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