Chance to get backlink from 43 DR with just 20mins call!

Domain rating is important for being high ranked in google SERP. If you want to be referred in inblog, feel free to tell us!
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May 21, 2024
Chance to get backlink from 43 DR with just 20mins call!

What is Domain Rating?

Domain Rating(DR) shows the strength of website authority compared to the others in Ahrefs database on 100-point scale. So, the higher DR always better? Almost yes! Almost every brand new page has lower DR. And the higher the “authority” of your domain, it’s better. For example, wikipedia has 91 Domain Rating, which means “superior authority”. However, it’s important not to judge DR in absolute terms. It’s a comparable concept which means that your DR is good if it’s higher than similar sites.

wikipedia Domain Rating

So, how can I upgrade my website’s DR? In general, if you get backlinks from high-DR websites such as wikipedia, your DR will upgrade. So, how can I get backlink from them? It’s quite simple but challenging. If you publish high-quality content, your contents will be famous and popular. And you will get lots of backlinks because other site will refer to your contents!

Below table shows the DR rank from all over the world. Facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube are the most popular link in the world.

Ahrefs DR ranking

Below table is general DR of each service including wikipedia, Ahrefs, and chatGPT.










Relate (YC S22)


inblog’s DR

inblog has 43 Domain Rating as of 21 March of 2024. Since we start our page 1 year ago, it is such a huge accomplishment!

inblog Ahrefs DRinblog DR time series

We have never request any backlinks form other company. We just publish high-quality contents with our team member. Nowadays, there are lots of request that some companies want to be referred in the inblog. They need inblog’s backlink!

So we offer 20-minute call for exchange backlink from inblog. If you want to be referred in either our website or blog page, please click below CTA and register for a 20-minute call. In this call, we will ask just three things.

  • What do(did) you mainly do when you get your leads in the early day?

  • Is there any pain point when you use your blogging CMS? (Wordpress, Webflow, Framer, etc)

  • When you write your blog contents, how do you decide the topic or keyword?

That’s it. If you answer these questions via call, we will refer your domain in our site.

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