May 10, 2023
    Autonomous driving is increasing in popularity as the benefits of this technology heavily outweigh using a standard traditional vehicle. Almost 94% of accidents on U.S. roads occur due to human error, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. From increased safety to avoiding high gas prices, more and more automakers are realizing the shift and introducing electric vehicles to their lines.
    Thanks to the developments in creating a remarkable high-resolution 4D imaging radar, we can now use 4D point cloud data to create a sustainable, safe, and reliable fully autonomous driving environment that will propel the industry forward.

    Wait, What IS Point Cloud?

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    A point cloud is a set of data points in space outlining a 3D shape creating a digital representation of the physical object. Comprised of millions of individual measurement points, each point cloud has an x, y, and z coordinate, representing a 3D shape, object, or space. Each point cloud can also include RGB color data or intensity information to reflect geometric shape. The primary purpose of a point cloud is to create a 3D model or map.

    Then What is 4D Point Cloud Data?

    4D point cloud data is equal to 3D (x, y, z) + 1D (v, velocity). Conventional radars provide x, y, and v data, but cannot detect z data, which is elevation. Lidar provides x, y, z data, enabling high resolution while velocity cannot be detected.
    4D imaging radar covers all x, y, z, and v data providing high-resolution information and velocity. This is especially important in mobility because detecting moving objects with speed can be recognized as a collision avoidance target.
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    By improving the strength of the radar and ultimately creating a 4D imaging radar, we now can collect 4D point clouds that deliver the estimation of object length for a more reliable object classification at an automotive-grade. This core data provided by 4D point clouds uses over 100 times more points than conventional radars detecting movement and form factors of all surrounding objects. Drivers and passengers can rest easy knowing the 4D point clouds classifies all objects in the environment, whether a truck, bus, car, person, bridge, etc. 4D point clouds also highlights height information which allows vehicles to detect whether an object is stationary and cannot pass in front or it is a bridge that a car can pass by.

    Understanding The Road

    4D point cloud data is crucial for autonomous driving as it creates a more accurate and precise read of the surroundings for vehicles to understand the road, in all weather and environmental conditions including fog, heavy rain, pitch darkness, and in highly polluted areas. Moving towards a future of self-driving vehicles could drastically reduce the number of crashes and fatalities occurring on the roads today.
    Our highly advanced 4D imaging radar focuses on detection, perception, and a greater classification level by improving the strength of the radar sensing technology. With sensor fusions and AI, the 4D imaging radar solution becomes the complete solution to accelerate the level 5 autonomous driving era.

    Elevating the Autonomous Driving Environment

    bitsensing is paving the way to smart cities with our 4D imaging radar solution providing the high performance and reliability of 4D point cloud data required for autonomous driving. As the world continues to head towards a future of fully autonomous driving, we are conducting continuous testing of our 4D imaging radars to ensure safety and reliability. We understand and believe in the high standards set by the automotive industry and know what it takes to lead in building the right technology for a safe, full deployment of autonomous driving.
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    As a testament to our developments at bitsensing, our AIR 4D solution was named a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation category due to its high-resolution 4D imaging and aid in autonomous driving collision avoidance, drastically reducing crashes and fatalities occurring on the roads today. From design to mass production, our AIR 4D forever transforms autonomous driving and improves the way all vehicles understand surroundings.

    The Future is bitsensing

    bitsensing radars produce 4D point clouds because of our strategic business model approach of combining leading automotive chipsets with our innovative radar technology. Our mission continues to be to develop solutions for mobility to ensure safety for everyone on the road.
    By partnering with automakers that produce reliable vehicles and share the same beliefs rooted in safety and autonomy, we are building safer smart cities and elevated connected living for all.
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