Jul 26, 2023

⁉️ Why we need SEO and What can we get?

What is the reason for Search Engine Optimization?
⁉️ Why we need SEO and What can we get?

🌍 SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

“What is the reason for SEO?”
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SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing a website's visibility and rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) by optimizing its structure, content, and keyword usage.
The primary goal of SEO is to increase organic (non-paid) user traffic to a website by securing higher rankings in search engine results on platforms such as Google, Bing, and Naver (Korea's most popular search site).
“Organic users tend to yield more attractive results for businesses.”
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Organic users tend to have higher engagement and conversion rates compared to paid users, as they are genuinely interested in the content or product the website offers, rather than being directed to the website by an Ad.
Therefore, having a strong organic user base can improve a website's credibility, increase brand awareness, and ultimately lead to more conversions and revenue.


📈 Additional advantages of SEO while working as a Growth Hacker.

◾”Analyze and optimize“

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Google Search Console provides an incredible array of features for us. Not only can we use it for indexing, but it also serves as a valuable marketing tool. The Google Search Console shows which keywords lead users to find us and highlights the most popular content on our website.
Additionally, It reveals the most powerful sources of backlinks. In short, it enables us to discover suitable keywords and in-demand content for our users.
This means that SEO work enables you to analyze and understand user behavior, detect trends, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Furthermore, You can also get technical advice and issues that arise during the indexing process.

◾ “SEO can be a cost-effective marketing solution compared to paid advertising.”

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How much time do you spend searching for the right keywords for marketing when platforms don't provide recommendations?
Chances are, it takes up a significant amount of time. However, after reading this article, you'll be able to save time and potentially solve this issue. As mentioned, Google Search Console allows you to analyze the most popular keywords and content that organic users read or search.
This means you can predict which keywords or content may be relevant to your brand. Why not take advantage of this data? It's a valuable source for marketing and could possibly lead to better results on a smaller budget. Of course, this isn't a guarantee for success. Nonetheless, by identifying the most popular keywords and content, you can save time when you build your marketing strategy.

◾ “Higher search rankings also result in increased brand awareness with Trust.”

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Have you ever accidentally clicked on the wrong page while searching on Google? Google Ads allows advertisements to use the names of other platforms, which can sometimes cause us to click on an ad even though we know it's not what we're looking for. We tend to focus on and trust the top search results, even for things we already know, which can sometimes lead us astray.
As your website becomes more visible to users, it increases their exposure to your brand, products, or services. This heightened awareness can lead to positive associations, improved brand recognition, and ultimately, enhanced customer trust and loyalty.
When your website ranks higher in search results, it projects a sense of credibility and authority. Users often assume that top-ranking websites are the most relevant and reliable sources of information, increasing the likelihood of engagement with your content and the possibility of converting them into loyal customers.

◾ “SEO helps sustain long-term growth.“

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Through SEO work, we can understand user behavior, detect trends, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Also, as your website ranks higher in search results, you'll attract more organic users who trust your content, creating a positive cycle for your business.
By continuously optimizing your website based on user preferences and data, you can adapt to changing search algorithms and focus on improving your search rankings over time.
This consistent visibility ensures a steady flow of organic traffic, promoting long-term growth and customer loyalty.


⌛ "An excellent example for optimizing SEO”

When I consult with companies, they often ask if other companies are also investing in SEO and if there's any proof that it actually works.
To help explain this, I provide an example: This website is an excellent case study that demonstrates how everything—from the structure, title, and description to the coding and homepage URL—has been set up through SEO from the very beginning.

The Firm Dubai

Law Firm & Lawyers in Dubai - UAE - The Firm Dubai
The Firm- One of The Top Law firm in Dubai UAE, our trusted Advocates, Lawyers and Legal Consultants in Dubai are specialized in Corporate, Litigation, Arbitration, Civil Law, Labor
The Firm Dubai: The Leading Law Firm in Dubai UAE
allow: *
404 page
The most interesting aspect of this website is the clever use of the desired keywords, even in the URL. Based on the term 'law firm in Dubai,' we can see that efforts have been made to align the fundamental elements of SEO like Title, description, and H1, as well as the URL.
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Furthermore, it fulfills all the essential requirements needed for SEO. We can actually track the organic visit rate of this homepage using a paid tool, and the data consistently shows increasing organic traffic.
We can also observe that the exact keyword "law firm in Dubai" is attracting the majority of visitors to their website. They are able to maintain visitor engagement without relying on paid advertisements.


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The homepage initially featured high-quality blog articles, but the content wasn't getting sufficient exposure. Amidst this situation, I provided consultation and helped them with the indexing process, which eventually led to increased content exposure and a rise in organic users.
By leveraging fundamental SEO indexing processes, the exposure increased from 100 times to as much as 850 times an 8-fold increase. And this was achieved just by implementing basic SEO indexing procedures.
Those results alone are quite astonishing, but in fact, I believe they represent just a fraction of the entire story. The figures mentioned above are solely based on numerical data, but when considering actual user accessibility and credibility, I think the value created would undoubtedly exceed these statistics.



I'm trying to write about what benefits we can get from SEO work. If you have any other thoughts, please share them with me!
Have the stakeholders reading this been convinced about the necessity of SEO?
This article began by questioning not whether SEO is persuasive but why it's not considered an essential element. I believe SEO goes beyond simply increasing website activity and developing the operational aspect; it's a fundamental component for securing core customers and launching efficient marketing initiatives for any business.
Are you currently optimizing your advertising efforts? Is the money you're spending truly the best choice? Are the visitors you attract genuinely potential customers who can become loyal clients? If you operate a business or brand while considering these concerns and questions, I'm confident you can achieve the same results at lower costs and even identify areas for growth and improvement.
I am currently offering free consultations to provide insight into the topics discussed above. If you're interested, I encourage you to apply.
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