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wordpress alternative
Lightweight, fast, and easy
WordPress requires a complex setup, and its themes and plugins can slow down page loading, thereby affecting SEO rankings...
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ghost alternative
SEO auto-optimized
Primarily a newsletter tool, Ghost centers on subscriber metrics, which may not meet every blogger' needs...
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medium alternative
Show your brand
Medium shows your competitors' articles to your readers to convert them into their customers by showing a paywall...
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Business Blog FocusOptimized for businessesGeneral usePrimarily a newsletter toolTailored for individual writers
SEO OptimizationAutomated SEO optimizationOverrun with themes, plugins, etc.SEO-friendlyNot designed for business blogs
SEO AnalyticsIntegrated SEO AnalyticsRequires 3rd party pluginFocused on newslettersNo built-in SEO analytics
Call-to-Action (CTA)Built-in floating CTA featureDepends on theme/pluginsStatic CTA, less engagingCall-to-Action (CTA)
Blog CMS UsabilityLightweight, agile, user-friendlyMay require complex setupMay not meet all blogging needsNo dedicated CMS for blogs
Custom DomainSupports subdomains/subdirectoriesCustom domain capabilityCustom domain capabilityNo custom domain option
Branding CustomizationFully customizable branding featureCustom branding optionsCustom branding optionsLimited branding customization
Third-Party IntegrationExtensive third-party integrationThird-party integration availableSupports third-party integrationLimited third-party integration
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